Caffè Umbria

March 2, 2012 – Caffè Umbria Seattle.  Five Wheel Rating

I love this place for the modern authentic italian cafe ambience.  It is located at the southeast corner of Occidental square on the intersection of South Jackson St. and Occidental Avenue South.   The barista was upbeat and took great joy upon hearing that an espresso was ordered; keen attention went into preparing the shot.  The barista expertly and deftly assembled the cup, saucer, spoon, and added a little chocolate wafer without hesitation.   The crema had excellent consistency and stamina and had a marvelous reddish brown hue.  The aroma was bountiful and wafted pleasantly through to the olfactory processing center of the brain.  As I sipped it flowed richly across the tongue and lingered well balanced on the palette.  It was just the boost I needed to complete my cycle ride through to the home stretch.  After 50 miles in the saddle nature was knocking so I asked for the key for the necessary trip to the mens room.  The delightful barista caught me by surprise while I returned the men’s room key. With great excitement she pushed a 2 pound pack of freshly ground coffee into my face and said, “smell this! Isn’t it wonderful?  Fresh ground coffee!”  Mesmerized, I submitted and wafted the aroma obediently.  Needless to say my mid-life sized man brain was completely intoxicated and powerless to the combination of effects.  Delighted by this magical spell I instantly ordered up a second espresso which she kindly charged me only fifty cents since I had just previously ordered one.  I probably would have cleaned the floor had she handed me a mop.  There is a good selection of pastries, panini, gelato, plus italian beer and wine.  I give Caffé Umbria 5 wheels for this espresso experience, highly recommended for you to pay a visit.

Cafe Umbria Solo Espresso

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