Dubsea Coffee

Dubsea Coffee – White Center, Seattle  4 Wheel Rating
April 7, 2012

Our cycling journey this day took us to White Center where one of our group needed to chair a public meeting at the White Center Community Center.  We made a mid-ride stop at Dubsea Coffee which was next door.  It was a pleasant surprise to find in White Center.  It sports a modern interior in a newly developed building with tall ceilings and a bright and cheery space.  There was a good selection of well priced food and a cash discount too.  A Rivendell Rambouillet was parked inside. The Rambouillet frame we believe was Rivendell’s first production frame and is no longer available.  It is a classic style lugged steel frame and quite beautiful.  It belonged to the sleepy cashier who was having a little difficulty assessing orders that morning.   We were glad he was not pulling the espresso. The barista in command was a charming delicate woman and pulled the first shot with great care.  We liked the focus and attention she demonstrated!  The presentation was espresso with spoon and seltzer water.  The scale of all the elements was well matched and she was deliberate in the composition of presentation.  The crema color was a light redish brown, visually consistent, and a touch thin on stamina.  The aroma was pleasant.  The flavor was good but a bit light as it rolled over the palette.  Not having any coffee yet that morning we went back for seconds to fuel the ride home.  A different barista pulled the shot.  She was pleasant, not quite the same intensity of attention, but still good.  The presentation was the same only not with the attention to detail of delivery at the handoff.  This time the elements were a bit in a jumble and were rearranged for the photo.  We wish we had not on reflection.  Dubsea coffee offers modern neighborhood atmosphere and ambience paired with an appreciation for serving espresso.  A delightful discovery in White Center and definitely worth a visit; we will go back another day.  We give them four out of five wheels rating.

Dubsea Coffee – Espresso Shot #1

Dubsea Coffee Espresso Solo – Shot #2

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