Paris Roubaix 2013

Paris Roubaix 2013 – It was an exciting finish with Fabian Cancellara out maneuvering and out sprinting Sep Vanmarcke at the finish.  Vanmarcke stepped into the arena with “Spartucus” and put up a great show.  Fending off a powerful attack by Cancellara, Vanmarcke showed what he was made of by not only hanging on to Cancellara’s wheel but taking the front heading into the penultimate stretch of cobbles.  Was this the move that made it a close finish? or was or was it the move that wicked away the legs he needed to hold victory.  It was a great show by both cyclists that kept us on the edge of our seat.

TCC 2013 Paris-Roubaix1

Toward the latter stage of the race Cancellara dropped back to the team car, making one wonder if he was in trouble.   Perhaps it was a mind game to demoralize his contenders; he picked them off and made his way to the lead group and ultimately to the top step of the podium.  Through the final kilometers it may have appeared that Cancellara was the cat playing with the mice, but Vanmarcke made a clear statement that he was in it for the win, as he and Cancelllara took turns at the point position. Taking the lead going into the velodrome seems to have put Vanmarcke at the disadvantage and allowed Cancellara to come off the bank and sprint to a bikes length win.

TCC 2013 Paris-Roubaix finish

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