Repast Bakery and Cafe

Repast Bakery and Cafe -1418 31st Ave S, Seattle, WA

  • Espresso:   ⨷ ⨷ ⨷ ⨷  ~
  • Cycle accommodations:  Limited, but observable from inside ~
  • Cafe setting:  Very small ~
  • Interior seating: Limited tables ~
  • Exterior seating: A bench and a cafe table, not covered~
  • Pastry selection: Delicious, freshly baked ~

Following a turn around Mercer Island we headed south to Seward Park and, with another week gone by, the glory of the cherry trees in full bloom along Lake Washington Boulevard was giving way. The cherry blossoms had peaked and cast petals into the strong wind, which dusted them about like snowflakes.  One had to be careful to not take one down the wind pipe.  We climbed out of the park and made a route to the Mt Baker neighborhood via 31st Ave S. and made a stop at Repast Bakery and Cafe.

Repast is located in a small storefront on 31st ave South, which is the main stretch of the Mt Baker town center.  We decided to stop to see what they had to offer.  Inside is quite small; a few tables and a counter. There was a very busy baking kitchen in the wings.  Outside there was a bench and a cafe table to enjoy a seat in the fresh air.  We found a parking spot for our bike next to a sweet ride tricked out in primary colors.

An awareness of how to serve a proper espresso was not present, we enjoyed ours in a cappuccino cup. The espresso received no accolades and we give it a one out of five wheel rating.  However, the choice of baked goods was quite nice, both sweet and savory freshly baked goods.  A small turkey and cheese croissant coaxed us to buy it.  It was quite delicious and perfectly apportioned.  We are making Repast a recommended cycling cafe when in the Mt. Baker area due to the delicious freshly baked goods available.


*Paradoxical footnote: All the cafes we spend time to write about we recommend as destinations.  We provide the honest feedback and rating of the espresso experience because we are interested to help cultivate the best success for future visits.  Even though we may give the espresso experience a one wheel rating we can still love and recommend a visit to the cafe because of the overall character of place, amongst other qualities.

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