Monorail Espresso

Monorail Espresso – 510 Pike Street, Seattle, WA

  • Espresso:   ⨷ ⨷ ⨷ ⨷  ~
  • Cycle accommodations:  On the go! ~
  • Cafe setting:  Walk up window ~
  • Interior seating: None ~
  • Exterior seating: None ~
  • Pastry selection: Chubbies ~

Skid your fixie to a halt and order an espresso at Monorail Espresso.  This is your on the go spot for an excellent espresso when in downtown Seattle.  Socketed into the the south facade of the former Coliseum Cinema, now Banana Republic, Monorail coffee maintains a long standing presence.

Monorail Espresso is a walk up espresso bar.  Do not park the bike, go straight for the espresso, do not pass go, and do not collect $200.  No futzing about wondering what you want, put your order in and let the line keep moving.  Cash only and tourist’s questions answered for a nominal fee.  Only one choice for food here, Chubbies.  Regretfully we did not order one; they looked much like our favorite chocolate chip cookies; made by Grandma.  We must go back to try them and update this post with the results.

Expectations were low when we asked to have the espresso served in hardware and with a soda water.  We were accommodated on both accounts.  The soda was served in an espresso cup and espresso served in a Japanese tea cup.  Aroma excellent, crema like fine velvet, texture like it should be, and flavor was exquisite.  Needless to say, this espresso hit the spot.  Traditions and formalities of cups, saucers and spoons aside, the quality of the espresso rocked the day. Monorail Espresso we give your espresso a five out of five wheel rating!

IMG_3400 IMG_3399 IMG_3398

*Paradoxical footnote: All the cafes we spend time to write about we recommend as destinations.  We provide the honest feedback and rating of the espresso experience because we are interested to help cultivate the best success for future visits.  Even though we may give the espresso experience a one wheel rating we can still love and recommend a visit to the cafe because of the overall character of place, amongst other qualities.


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