New York City – hunt for a proper espresso

New York City, the delights and magnificence of your metropolis are  truly impressive.  The only thing missing is our cycle.  Renting will have to suffice to provide a tour around Central Park and a test of a Citibike will be in order as well.

Demarco Coffee 569 Lexington in Midtown East was our first stop and conveniently located at the base of our hotel.  Demarcos serves up a good coffee, has a pleasant atmosphere, and friendly staff.  The espresso craft can use some refinement to take it to the level of a recommended cycling espresso stop.  Less liquid more crema, tuning in on the particulars of duration of the espresso pull seems to be a next required step.
Third Rail Coffee in 240 Sullivan St. In the Village just south of Washington Square Park was our next destination following a tour along The Highline.  Third Rail Coffee is a cozy spot and fitted out just right for the location.  The barista were friendly and engaging while serving up the espresso.  They served up a plain water with the espresso, it was appreciated, not as a much as a proper soda water, but appreciated none the less.  You will catch a glimpse of the barista’s Surely Longhaul Trucker in the foreground of the exterior photo.  Kudos for biking it.  The crema was nice and consistent, however, it was thin and disappeared rapidly.  The nuance of crafting the proper espresso is within reach.  The shot seemed to be over extracted IMHO.  We enjoyed our visit and left perked up and ready for more à pied touring.
Ground Support Cafe at 399 W. Broadway in SOHO was the next discovery.  Hip and happening and serving up Intelligentsia’s Black Cat.  It was 5 PM and our dogs needed a lift after pounding the pavement all day, Ground Support Cafe delivered.  They hit the mark with a full and rich crema, plus the bevy of cycling mags boosted our spirits.  A proper soda water compliment would have captured the day.  The place was packed and had an excellent haute couture  coffee house atmosphere.  Smooth out the large bubbles in the crema and we think you have it nailed.
More to explore in the coming days and pardon the typos as this was posted from the iPhone. Photos yet to come In the meantime we have posted some shots on our Facebook site.