About Us

Welcome to the The Cycle Café where we share the exploration and enjoyment of Espresso and Cycling; a combination delightful to experience together! Our goal is to elevate the appreciation and understanding of a good espresso, and to promote the good life of cycling.  

** If you would like us to visit your café or have a favorite café to recommend, wherever in the world you may be located, contact us at Capo@TheCycleCafe.com. **

As part of the journey we want to develop and share our observations about cafes and the espresso experiences they create; see our Home page.   We invite you to contribute your thoughts and experiences and to grow your love of espresso and cycling.  In general we intend only to post reviews of cafes we feel are worth visiting.

Based in Seattle we have the luxury of an abundance of cafes and coffee shops to indulge the pleasure of a good coffee.  Unfortunately a delicious aromatic cup of espresso is elusive and difficult to consistently come by.  We want to influence a change for the better.

The Cycle Café offers a guide and rating system to enable a consistent review of the espresso you enjoy.  The rating system will help to develop your own benchmark to know when you have truly enjoyed the beverage to its fullest.  We encourage you to discuss the topic with your local barista and friends to help cultivate an appreciation and stewardship for the preparation of this fine beverage.  Cultivating discerning customers in search of the elusive cup of the finest espresso is our motivation.  We believe pulling a proper espresso shot is an art that takes s skilled hand and mind to deliver. Not all baristas or cafés are up to the task.

Develop a penchant for watching the effort a caring barista takes to generate a truly good shot and you will notice the difference.  While the taste is paramount, the experience and ceremony involved in ordering, preparing, and receiving your espresso are factors in the equation also.  Judging your espresso experience includes evaluating the qualities of the crema, the presentation, the accompaniments, the engagement of the barista, the character of the café, and of course the espresso aroma and flavor.

The key interest at The Cycle Café is to enhance and grow the culture of enjoyment around espresso and cycling, we ask you to join us in our effort.

Please be a frequent visitor of the The Cycle Café.

Keep on Rolling,

The Cycle Café