Tale of N.P. Cycles 2012

2012 CAFcaf2012 christmas_01

The boys Crank, Axel, & Fixie at N.P. Cycles – are wiped out after delivering the last of the orders to the man wearing the big red pants.  Alas, the big man has requested one more, and they are nearly out of parts & time…

2012 CAFcaf2012 christmas2_02

They took haste and ordered an espresso fit for three…

2012 CAFcaf2012 christmas3_02

With an espresso down the hatch, Axel set to work designing the frame…time was ticking away.

2012 CAFcaf2012 christmas4_02

Crank surveyed with concern, the limited quantity of his steel supply, and in the meantime another day had ticked by.  Axel continued to feverishly work on the cycle design…

2012 CAFcaf2012 christmas5_02

Fixie was anxious, and needed to know, if he had the right groupo on the shelf to show.  Axel gave a shout out that he was nearly complete…another day had slipped past under their feet.

2012 CAFcaf2012 christmas6_02

Axel delivered the geometry to Crank, who who milled the tubes and welded the shank.    Another day flew by and no time for interruption could be spared…

2012 CAFcaf2012 christmas7_02

Pals Hardrock, Coco, & Joe stopped by to celebrate with some holiday cheer, little dog Spoke sent them packing, with a stout bark and a sneer.  Axel was tempted for them to stay, but time had clicked through yet another day.

2012 CAFcaf2012 christmas8_02

Fixie assembled the wheels with care, and Axel, the head badge, decals and paint to share. A tap on the window gave them a fright, only two more days before the sleigh would take flight.

2012 CAFcaf2012 christmas9_02

With a little elf magic the paint was cured, the decals affixed, the badge secured.  Only the wheels, groupo, and saddle wear left, to call the job complete and leave none bereft.

2012 CAFcaf2012 christmas10_02

The bike was assembled, the boys beamed with pride, bells were ringing, they needed to ride. Down the hill they went as fast as it takes, it did not really matter: they could not reach the brakes. Crank on the bars, Fixie in the seat, Spoke and Axel on the pedals, they had a sleigh to meet!

2012 CAFcaf2012 christmas11_02

Gaining big air, they took flight. The sleigh was near, within their sight. Axel whistled with hope that Santa may hear and all they needed now was landing gear. The moon was high and created a glow, for Christmas Eve and newly fallen snow. They sailed high through the night air, delivering the last gift, for a cyclist somewhere.

2012 CAFcaf2012 christmas12_02

With business done and cargo aboard, a bit of relaxation they could now afford. Merry Christmas to all!


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